Monday, March 5, 2012

Grade 9-10 Tonal Drawings (AVI1O-AVI2O)

Here is a samle of some of the completed grade 9-10 tonal drawings from the past two weeks.  I left the subject matter up to them this time, rather than focusing on the faces... and I was pleased!  Everytime I push a bit, they prove that they can meet the challenge.  These are posted in no particular order- irregularities may be due to the reflection of the pencil.  Enjoy!


Mike Mills said...

Hello there,
I have been using your website for inspiration for my own art class this year...your very talented!! i have some questions regarding your summative art card activity..if you get a chance please email me an address i can ask some questions regarding the success criteria of the above assignment..thanks in advance for your time!
simon borbely
kernahan park secondary school
if this posts twice..i apologize..i have never posted