Tuesday, November 17, 2009

AVI3M- Grade 11 Artist Chairs

This semester our grade 11 students were asked to research an artist and design a chair as if they were that artist. They were challenged to go beyond simply painting the seat and consider the entire chair as a canvas for design. Here you can see the results- check out the details by clicking on each picture.

Monday, November 2, 2009

AVI10 & AVI20 Stipple Art

Stipple (or pointillism) is a technique where drawings are shaded with hundreds or even thousands of little dots. This year, our students were asked to create a picture of a vehicle using this technique. It's amazing what kind of three-dimensionality we can achieve with just a bunch of dots! Click on the photos for a closer look.
I would like to note that not all of the assignments are here- unfortunetly it seems I need to replace my camera, as it didn't save many of the pictures that I took :(
Miss G.