Sunday, November 27, 2011

Textured Watercolour Painting

I had a conundrum one night.  I had painted a quick watercolour of my favourite island in Brazil (Florianopolis), but I hated the way the rocks turned out.  I had to figure out a way to fix and disguise them... so I decided to soak some rice paper in glue and create textures.  I liked the way it turned out and decided to try this technique with my students at school.  In addition, I masked out certain areas (which appear white).  It was simple but striking... I've posted my class's results below. 

Grade 11 Textured Watercolour Paintings (AVI3O-AVI3M)

What I love about my school and school board is that we include students of every ability and background in our classrooms.  My current grade 11 class is one of those groups, where we all teach each other and have a great amount of fun- because we all love art!  Click on the pictures below to see the textures close-up.

Grade 9-10 Stipple Architecture (AVI1O-AVI2O)

I thought I had lost these pictures, but they were backed up, whew!  It always amazes me to see the art that is created by students who have just learned most of their fine art skills- I'm always so proud of them!  I'm posting some of my favourites, from October.