Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Grade 12 Reinterpretation Pieces (AVI4M)

What a talented class!  Each of these pieces is a reinterpretation of a famous work of art from history, into a piece that represents the styles and goals of the student's personal portfolios.  Can you tell which artist influenced them? A few more will be posted soon.



davidbrownottawa said...

Hi, These pictures are really great! I came across this blog while doing research on the arts and education. Its nice to see posting pictures and letting the art do the talking. Your students might be interested in a contest I just read about at the National Gallery. So you want to be an artist, an all inclusive chance for young Canadian artists to show there skills and win some prizes. My site is aimed at younger children, but was impressed with the opportunities offered by the Gallery.

Ms. George-Easton said...

Thanks David! Actually, one of my students won the contest last year and had her art featured in the gallery. It was an interesting experience, but sadly she didn't get the chance to go and see her art in person. Thanks for posting about it, regardless. Can you send me a link to your blog? Thanks and take care!