Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Grade 11 Culture Drawings (AVI3M, AVI3O)

These drawings were inspired by the work at Allen Smutylo's exhibit Wild Places Wild Hearts: Nomads of the Himalaya. The students found photographs of people from another culture that they liked, then found a pattern or piece of textile from that culture to create a background with.  Their final pieces were BIG and have not all photographed well- but you'll get the idea.  I have a few more to add soon. 

Grade 10 Conte Drawings (AVI2O)

The grade 10 students were asked to take a photograph and cut it up into four pieces to create a new composition.  Then, they used this design as the basis for their conte drawing.   *One more needs to be uploaded, it's being perfected :) 

Grade 9-10 Faces

Here they are!  This semester's batch of freshly drawn faces- enjoy!