Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Grade 9-10 AVI1O/AVI2O Watercolour

These were the first gauche (rhymes with squash, it's like watercolour) paintings that the grade 9-10 students did this year. I love the fact that they weren't afraid to use colour or experiment with the techniques that they learned. I hope that many of these will get framed for Mother's Day!

A Nice Nod

I love when people comment or link up to this blog. The Canada School Gallery (a place for Canadian high school students to have their work posted) has taken notice of the work of Marissa Logel, who completed an awesome high contrast painting last year. Check out the Canada School Gallery, because it's full of ideas and TALENT! Thanks David for the nod to our blog. Miss G.

Grade 12 Musical Still Life Drawing

A part of most college and university portfolio requirements is for students to submit work that they have drawn by observing an object. This is also called a still life drawing. For this assignment, our grade 12 students were required to draw a set of musical instruments with a dynamic composition. It's a lot harder than it looks, but as always the students rose to the challenge. These drawings were created using conte.