Sunday, November 27, 2011

Grade 11 Textured Watercolour Paintings (AVI3O-AVI3M)

What I love about my school and school board is that we include students of every ability and background in our classrooms.  My current grade 11 class is one of those groups, where we all teach each other and have a great amount of fun- because we all love art!  Click on the pictures below to see the textures close-up.


Miss said...

These are oustanding! Can you give a bit of detail as to how you made these? I love them!

Miss said...

These are so cool- how were they made exactly? I'd really like to try this one out!

Ms. George-Easton said...

Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner- I was on holidays.
First, I had the students find a picture with a foreground, middleground and background. Then, I had them mask out the edges of certain areas (wherever you see the white lines). Next, they painted the background areas with a bleeding technique, and painted the foreground objects with stronger coats of paint. Then, they removed the masking fluid. Finally, they soaked small pieces of the rice paper in white glue and pasted it on the areas that they wanted to show texture with. I hope this explanation helps! It was great, because even students who don't feel that they're very good at watercolour felt successful with this project.

Miss said...

Ha! I didn't realize I left two comments! I look like a stalker! Anyway, thanks for the details regarding the process- I'll definitely try it at some point!