Thursday, April 21, 2011

Why I love Teaching Art- Pt. II

In one day, I looked around the art room and found so many reminders as to why I absolutely love my job.
To begin, I was playing music from a popular station through the speaker system in my class, as I usually do to boost motivation.  A techno song came on, and one of the students shouted out, "We're in Club George!".  The whole class got a kick out of it.  When I went to check on student art in the next class, I found the following pallet being used... I have a low tolerance for graffiti in the class, but I loved this!  (and it washed up easily later :)

In the next class, a student proudly showed me his unique paintbrush, created when his other one broke.  

 And finally- I got to present a great lesson on creating a colour wheel- with animal crackers and icing.  The look on the student's faces when I said that they could EAT their assignment was priceless.