Tuesday, November 17, 2009

AVI3M- Grade 11 Artist Chairs

This semester our grade 11 students were asked to research an artist and design a chair as if they were that artist. They were challenged to go beyond simply painting the seat and consider the entire chair as a canvas for design. Here you can see the results- check out the details by clicking on each picture.


cRiDaL said...

I love this idea! I had taught middle school in the past and just recently changed to highschool...your blog has helped me get through this year!

How did the students come across the chairs? Were they told to bring them in or did you provide them?

Thanks again!

Ms. George-Easton said...

Thank you! I in turn have collected from many teachers over the years.
This project is highly motivating for students, probably because the surface and design is challenging and fun. I have them bring in their own chairs, but for students who have trouble I often find donations by asking the school community. Then, they have to choose their favourite artist from art history and create a 3D copy of their work or keep the artist's style and create their very own piece. Hope this helps!

cRiDaL said...

Yes this helps! I am going to attempt this with my students!I'll let you know how it goes! Thanks so much.