Tuesday, August 6, 2013

See you in a year!

I would like to thank all 45 000 of you who have stopped by here over the past few years, for sending so many encouraging messages to myself and my students.  You will notice that I won't be updating this blog very much (if at all) during the next while, as I'm due to have a baby at the end of August and will take a year off.  I'm really going to miss teaching and I will especially miss my students.  However, I'm incredibly excited to be a first time mother and to keep focusing on my own artistic practice (www.samanthageorge.ca).  I promise that I will be back in a year with more ideas and awesome art to post.  If my replacement chooses to keep a blog, I will also add a link to it.

Thank you all so much again!  


Ms. George-Easton 

My re-painted tables for September 2014.  Thanks to my senior students who persistently begged to freshen the room up again- you make teaching so happy :) 


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Hey, this table smiles. I saw something similar at The Artwork Factory - they are making very unique Art Tables. They have beautiful art for sale.