Friday, June 29, 2012

Last Day!

Today is the last day of school until September.  I've ordered A LOT of books to go over, as I want to try to really change my program for the new semester.  I usually add a project or two per year, but after 5+ years of similar assignments, I'm ready for some real changes.  Stay tuned :) 
The last assignment I will leave you with is a creative photography assignment.  My background is photography, but the work that I exhibit is what I would call "photographic sculpture".  For this assignment, the students were asked to tell an open ended photographic story based on their portfolio theme.  In addition, they were asked to find a creative way to manipulate their photos as well- either digitally through Photoshop, or manually through the display and presentation (this could include things such as photographic sculptures).  I was really happy with many of the results, and I think that next year I will probably dedicate more time to this type of assignment.
I hope you all have a very safe and happy summer!  Thanks for all of your support and comments, I look forward to posting more amazing art in the fall!
Ms. G-E