Friday, January 29, 2010

AVI1O/AVI2O (Grade 9-10) Art Summatives

Our school board requires students to complete a project either throughout the semester or at the end of the semester. This project is called a "Summative", and asks that students show a variety of skills learned throughout the year. To help ensure that students would give their best work to me, I gave each one a choice of three projects. In project one they could use plasticine in order to replicate part of a painting. In project two, they could create a 3D wire sculpture based on a piece of art. Finally, students could create a drawing with a variety of changing patterns. Students also showed how they would look for an area of focus in their art, and created written reflections on their choice of materials, subject matter, and the elements of art. These pictures show works in progress. Click on each image to make it larger. Congratulations to everybody, we're almost done the semester!


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Nice Works...

I just wish I also got the talent to paint/draw.